One image maker I have have been affected by since the kid-in-awe stage of life was Hieronymous Bosch. His incredibly morbid, sadistic, tortuous images of man's infliction upon his own kind rattled my understanding of the beautiful planet we inhabited - who would do such things?

Heaven, Hell: pictures of domination, damnation, his telling of visions encountered, heard about or simply imagined were the beginnings of the destruction of my early belief system, a destruction of the ideals I had been believing in.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and the advent of Google's Deep Dream software and its complete interpretive powers of shape recognition and devolution: the perfect vehicle to take Bosch to further enhancements of the unbelievable world of fantastic creatures.

Below is a Deep Dream of one scene from HB's original above:

The Deep Dream software is restricted to small images so working the new files doesn't give great clarity, so armed with this challenge, I tried to figure out a way of handling Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night: rich and sumptuous in textures, colours and movement, it was a perfect base for a Deep Dream of magnificent proportions:


A complete version, large forms

Detail of full sized "Dreamy Dreamy Night"

A cascade of creatures, detail from "Dreamy Dreamy Night"